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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

FAP Turbo Review - Auto Forex Robot

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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

INO TV - Preview and Review is the new way to get stock market eduction delivered directly to your computer.

View the above video for a sneak peak then go to for more info a a free 4 movie trial.

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Thursday, January 03, 2008

New Backtesting Software and MarketClub info

It's been a while between posts but that does not mean no trading has been happening.

I have been using some new software for backtesting called Right Edge Systems. It is looking promising to allow backtesting then the ability to switch to live trading without a chage in code. This is a big plus when wanting to be fully automated.

Moving from backtesting to live trading has always been the slow point of system developement. With RE they may have looked to solve the problem. Have a look at Right Edge Systems for more info.

Also browsing the net I found a service called Market Club. It looks to have an interesting system based on a few hidden formuals. Not sure of how the whole setup works but look worth while investigating. Go to MarketClub Reviews for more info and some demo videos.

Good trading and I hope this year brings you a big tax problem!

Friday, December 29, 2006

Well after 10 days of testing the new system looks to be doing OK.

This is a screen shot of the trading on a trade by trade basis.

The main difference between this and previous systems is the way it exits trades. It now takes 2/3rd's of the profit off the table at a predefined point. Once this is done the trade becomes risk free.

The other 1/3rd has a exit target and a traling stop based on ATR values.

Good Forex results on the way

Well after a few months of stuffing around with various systems that did not work I seam to haev foud one that looks like it has promise.

After 2 weeks it is up 8.06% with very small draw down and only 2% risk per trade.

Will have a screen shot as soon as I get the numbers complied.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Not Much to Report

Well after being on holiday for a week and managing to stuff up my code base for my program I was set back a bit.

I have since er written my program to allow better flexibiliy of implimneting new system.

I can now run multi currency, multi system , multi time frame systems on multipleone or more account.

This allows me to quickly add and remove new systems and currency pairs without needing to rewite the program. It is now all driven by an access database whihc allows for quick and easy changes.

More results will come shortly.

Until then good trading.

Friday, August 11, 2006

New Systems and New Results

I decided to scrap the old systems as they were just not performing as required.

The good news is the new systems are performing very well and looking more robust.

This is one system after 89 days with a gain of +53.76 or 0.604% per day.

And while I was there I decided to make a new system as well. So far is performing even better.

Still young, but has 60 days behind it now for a gain of +35.75%

Now that the system are working well it is time to move on to increasing the performance of them. So far I have only used 2% risk per trade. After doing some numbers it looks like I can safely push this is 3-4% while keeping the same amount of risk. This will have a huge impact on the bottom line as I would be doubling the % risk per trade. After compounding we could potentiality see +80 - 90% in the same time frame.

Now that's exciting!!!

The new money management will be dynamic and based of the win /loss ratio. The bottom end of my win /loss ratio is 44% but can increase to 55%. When I am trading at the 55% mark I want to be having a position risk of about 4%.

Monday, May 29, 2006

Results after 95 Days

Well performance is looking better. I have managed to get back to +23.57% which takes me to an average of 0.3% per day.

The chart below will show what has been going on.

I have implimented a new system as well. Based on the first but using a 15 min time frame and bigger TP's. So far the reult shave been excpetional. Making 1.89% per day for a total of 26.47%. Will it hold up? Only time will tell.

See below for more info.

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The Financial Ad Trader